My Hair



More often than not, I get asked how I do my hair. And honestly, I don’t! I’m super low maintenance when it comes to my do.

I think the key to great hair is a great cut. I swear up and down by my stylist at Fringe in the Lower East Side. She knows exactly how to style my thick, wavy hair.

Once my hair is styled, I try to do as little to it as possible, including washing and conditioning. Because my hair is long, I try to wash it once or twice a week with whatever shampoo and conditioner I have in the shower. I typically use something that will help with my dry scalp and ends like Head & Shoulders or Garnier Fructis. I only shampoo my hair at its roots and condition on the ends.

I also only shower at night, never in the morning. I hear going to bed with wet hair is bad for it, but I haven’t experienced any repercussions. I hate using a blow dryer, but if I wake up and my hair is still a bit damp, I use a blow dryer to alleviate any leftover water.

To keep it from looking greasy, I use Batiste Dry Shampoo in Deep & Dark Brown. I actually keep it in my purse to save myself from any embarrassment.

Once every few months I love doing an avocado hair mask. I mix half an avocado with a tablespoon or two of olive oil in a bowl. I then apply it to wet hair and let it set for half hour before rinsing it out in the shower. The next day, my hair is shiny and super soft. I highly recommend trying this mask if you have long, dry hair like mine!

Most importantly, I think its always best to let your hair be as you were born with it. Don’t force it into something it isn’t, which can be said about a lot of things in life!

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